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Nyaalo Mia

One line Poem prompt for February 17th: Sin

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

She bleeds
with the moon

She bleeds

She bleeds
She’s not a sinner

She bleeds

A delicate flower
A red rose
Blossoming life
Beckoning hope

She bleeds

For all the women who have been called unclean for bleeding life, your blood is beautiful!

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for those days when we need a break

Photo by François Genon on Unsplash

The sound of tyres
tearing through puddles of water in the streets.

Silver droplets falling from the sky unto my glasses,
creating a checkerboard of steam and dots.

The smell of musty air
thick and heavy like walking through water.

The taste of wet grass sticks to my tongue
as I breathe in the morning breeze.

My foot slips as I step on broken, wet leaves,
trampled upon by hurried feet rushing to catch up to the sun.

Good morning.

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Unclassify Us

How did we do it?

It was never easy.

We shouldn’t have done it.

I mean, they thought we couldn’t.

The odds were stacked

as high as the Heavenly Stairs,


there was nothing heavenly about them.

We trudged,

we plowed

we broke in half.

The bell rang and yet

we kept going.

We saw it.

We saw a bright white light

shining down on us.

The heavens acknowledged

our divinity.

We had dreams

of our daughters

dancing on broken glass.

We had visions of our blood

fueling the fire

that burned in their hearts.

We refused to be corrected.

Nyaalo Mia

Scientist. Photographer. Writer. Avid mental health advocate. Poet, often. Memoirist, on occasion. Storyteller, without exception.

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